Allyn Hoang - The most stunning TV host

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Dallas, TX

A former pageant queen turned motorcycle chick and now a worldwide hit as an online gaming reporter, who seems to always be getting into mischief and adventure. 

Oh did I mention she is absolutely gorgeous?

Allyn currently works for, IGN Entertainment & NBC as a live reporter.

"I figure one measure of true happiness and success is when you can equate work as play, so why not turn something I enjoy and good at into a career, right? I actually started out in hard news and even had a couple major TV networks personally take me under their wing to help me pursue my news career. Nevertheless, my intuition kept hauting me, so I finally had the courage to recently make the big decision and jump into the world of entertainment."

"You can usually find me hosting live shows or even performing magic tricks and now I'm here for you guys to get the skinny on the latest. Catch me on twitter @allynhoang. Whether it's pop culture, current events, the latest on fashion and technology, or lifestyle tips and trends, let me know what you guys want to talk about!"

-Allyn Hoang

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